Because your hotel for sure isn’t the same as many others, why would you give it to a management company doing things like many others?

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Set 6541 6552 6697 ... Fenetre jaune LEGO Yellow Window ref 4863

Set 6541 6552 6697 ... Fenetre jaune LEGO Yellow Window ref 4863


“Our vision is to make a big impact in the world of European Hospitality & Serviced Residences working with amazing team members, creating unique experiences for our guests and successful businesses for all stakeholders”


Our Offices

With offices in Madrid, Berlin, Munich, Moscow and Tbilisi, SolutionsHI as the network supplier to Pearl achieves a symbiosis of international experience and local know-how necessary to carry out successful projects in dynamic markets for our customers and drive the growth for the management network without expensive additional back-office operation.

Our Projects

Our experience and project portfolio ranges from hotels of international hotel chains to independent and niche hotels in various markets and segments with key focus in Spain and Central/Eastern Europe, Northern Mediterranean, Germany, Georgia, Russia & CIS. The importance of mixed used concepts and serviced residences also plays a vital role in our portfolio. Also we have developed projects in U.K., the Netherlands, the United States (Los Angeles, Atlanta) and China (Shanghai).

Combining client advantage

Strategic Management and Long-term consultancy
Specializing in the hospitality Industry





Set 6541 6552 6697 ... Fenetre jaune LEGO Yellow Window ref 4863

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Status 2020

  • 5 units & 322 rooms (2 under construction)
  • 3 countries
  • Up to € 20m Revenue
  • Over 175 team members

Pipeline 2021

  • 2 Resorts in Germany (112 & 132 rooms)
  • 1 city center boutique in Georgia (85 rooms)
  • 1 boutique resort in Georgia (35 rooms)
  • 1 city center boutique in Spain (17 rooms)
  • 1 Wine Resort in Spain (60 rooms)
  • 2 further boutique resorts in Spain (55 + 50 rooms)
  • Totaling 574 rooms

Future Outlook

  • 20 units
  • 6 countries
  • 1400 rooms

Get in touch

Mayor 6 - 4D
28013 Madrid
+49 176 8482 8230