Because your hotel for sure isn’t the same as many others, why would you give it to a management company doing things like many others?

Brass Tube 3 x 0.45 mm ALBION ALLOYS BT3M Laiton 4p.

ALBION ALLOYS BT3M Laiton - Brass Tube 3 x 0.45 mm (4p.)Doe-het-zelf, Overig !. Staat:: Nieuw: Een gloednieuw, ongebruikt, ongeopend, onbeschadigd object in de oorspronkelijke verpakking (indien verpakking van toepassing is). De verpakking moet hetzelfde zijn als in de detailhandel, tenzij het object door de fabrikant is verpakt in een verpakking die niet voor detailhandel is bestemd, zoals een onbedrukte doos of een plastic zak. Zie de aanbieding van de verkoper voor volledige details. Alle definities van de staat bekijken : Marque: : Albion Alloys , Numéro de pièce fabricant: : BT3M: Type: : Profilé , EAN: : 5060102451822 ,

Brass Tube  3 x 0.45 mm ALBION ALLOYS BT3M Laiton 4p.
Brass Tube  3 x 0.45 mm ALBION ALLOYS BT3M Laiton 4p.
Brass Tube  3 x 0.45 mm ALBION ALLOYS BT3M Laiton 4p.

Brass Tube 3 x 0.45 mm ALBION ALLOYS BT3M Laiton 4p.


“Our vision is to make a big impact in the world of European Hospitality & Serviced Residences working with amazing team members, creating unique experiences for our guests and successful businesses for all stakeholders”


Our Offices

With offices in Madrid, Berlin, Munich, Moscow and Tbilisi, SolutionsHI as the network supplier to Pearl achieves a symbiosis of international experience and local know-how necessary to carry out successful projects in dynamic markets for our customers and drive the growth for the management network without expensive additional back-office operation.

Our Projects

Our experience and project portfolio ranges from hotels of international hotel chains to independent and niche hotels in various markets and segments with key focus in Spain and Central/Eastern Europe, Northern Mediterranean, Germany, Georgia, Russia & CIS. The importance of mixed used concepts and serviced residences also plays a vital role in our portfolio. Also we have developed projects in U.K., the Netherlands, the United States (Los Angeles, Atlanta) and China (Shanghai).

Combining client advantage

Strategic Management and Long-term consultancy
Specializing in the hospitality Industry





Brass Tube 3 x 0.45 mm ALBION ALLOYS BT3M Laiton 4p.

2x-Mono D Druckknopf Batterie 9V 5 er Pack Batteriehalter,Akkuhalter 175. ModelCraft PKN6004 Tapis De Découpe A4 A4 Self-Healing Cutting Mat 300 x 200mm. Hobby Line Engraver TRUMPETER 09912 Outil à Graver, Sortiment-Senkkopfschrauben mit Kreuzschlitz DIN 965 M3 Edelstahl A2 500 Teile. Blechschrauben-Sortiment DIN 7983 Linsensenkkopf 3,5 mm Edelstahl 280 Teile, Sortiment-Gewindestifte DIN 914 Innensechskant Spitze M5 Edelstahl A2 200 Teile. 500 Teile Sortiment Zylinderschrauben/Innensechskant DIN 912 M3 Edelstahl A2, LG INR21700-M50T 5000mAh 3,6 3,7V Lithium Ionen 21700 Li-Ion auch mit Lötfähne, 168 Akkufach Batteriehalter Goobay Batteriefach 2x AA mit Kabel Akkuhalter. PROXXON 28758 Embouts de fraise en mét al renforcé, DIN 6325 Zylinderstifte m6 Ø 14 L= 40 bis 120 ISO 8734 Normalien. Blechschrauben-Sortiment TORX DIN 7981 Linsenkopf 3,9 mm Edelstahl A2 280 Teile. Sortiment-Gewindestifte DIN 914 Innensechskant Spitze M4 Edelstahl A2 200 Teile, Sortiment Polyamidscheiben DIN 9021 M3 M10 235 Teile Kunststoffscheiben, 2 x Sanyo/Panasonic NCR20700B 4250mAh 20 A 3,6-3,7V Lithium Ionen 20700, FAUCET AERATOR 3/4" Female Chrome Plated fits Price Pfister Do It 405001 NEW!, Connecto Crosses 0.6mm ALBION ALLOYS C06 P/E Connecteurs. ModelCraft PVC7006 Étau Hobby Bench Vice 50mm, AK Interactive AK619 MIX ADDICT MEDIUM SIZE.

Status 2020

  • 5 units & 322 rooms (2 under construction)
  • 3 countries
  • Up to € 20m Revenue
  • Over 175 team members

Pipeline 2021

  • 2 Resorts in Germany (112 & 132 rooms)
  • 1 city center boutique in Georgia (85 rooms)
  • 1 boutique resort in Georgia (35 rooms)
  • 1 city center boutique in Spain (17 rooms)
  • 1 Wine Resort in Spain (60 rooms)
  • 2 further boutique resorts in Spain (55 + 50 rooms)
  • Totaling 574 rooms

Future Outlook

  • 20 units
  • 6 countries
  • 1400 rooms

Get in touch

Mayor 6 - 4D
28013 Madrid
+49 176 8482 8230